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Bohr weiter, Kumpel (1974)

Devilz : Mon, 20 May 2013 17:06:41 ( 2427 Views )  
Bohr weiter, Kumpel  / Erna e i suoi amici AKA Erna e i suoi amici
Genre Comedy
Director(s) Sigi Rothemund
Writer(s) Gerhard Elsenkirchen
Country West Germany
Cast Alena Penz , Alexander Grill , Rinaldo Talamonti , Puppa Armbruster , Klaus Münster , Roman Skrobek , Leopold Gmeinwieser , Gerhard Ruhnke , Elisabeth Volkmann , Werner Plath , Bert Lock , Renate Kasché , Marie Luise Lusewitz , Gisela Gehlen , Werner Röglin
Plot Five work colleagues have a betting pool filled in a lottery ticket and of course They win the jackpot. All celebrate and throw the money out the only way, even to the butcher who has a promissory note. Celebrate and throw all the money the only way out, even to the butcher, who has a promissory note. What they do not know: Unfortunately the tip list was lost. What they do not know: Unfortunately, the pools coupon was lost. For the competent colleague can not find him. Responsible for co-worker can not find him. But his wife takes care of already drum, at least by the promissory note ... But his wife takes care of drum Already, at least, a note ...
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